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Start with home base and work from there. I visualize potential ways to create better living for all of the earth.  Our planet needs to be thought of as one big ball that we are all bouncing on. Kids really get it.  When I ask kids “what do you think of when you think energy?” They show energy dramatically, performing actions of all sorts. They begin to laugh and that really sends out the message of good energy.  

Foods affect moods.  I help show people how eating healthy food produces positive human or emotional energy, and how fresh foods can correct areas of stagnation, dullness, lower feelings or vibrations.  

Our government leaders and our elected politicians promote mass food manufacturers based on industrialized economy, when in fact it would be less costly to promote and support businesses that grow and produce food in smaller quantities—allowing for a natural sustainable mix for business and consumer.  Health care costs are growing as our population is aging.  Are we to think that our current methods will be enough to maintain health for our society?  There is plenty of research to show how it would be far better economics for governments and elected politicians to invest in preventative health care methods like nutrition and environmental sustainability. 

These days we are removed from seeing how our food is produced.  Children believe that food comes from a box, factory or store.  These are the responses I get from kids when I ask them, “Where does food come from?” 

I tell kids about natural energy and how to find good energy.  I ask them if they know about sugar, and of course, they come back stating all sorts of confusing things about sugar.  Some think it’s bad for you and some say it makes us hyper.  No answer is wrong of course, because I am encourage them to “think”.   However, I let them know natural sugars, simple sugars, are the best and that these can only be found in fresh fruits and vegetables.

During the Aliant Literacy Day Festival last year, I made about 30—8 minute presentations to children about The ABC’s of the Real Treat!  During that brief moment, I needed to get the attention of about 15 to 20 children and hold it there long enough to explain why fruits and vegetables are so important for good energy.  I told them how sugar in fruit is the real fuel for the body.  Without going into the specific knowledge, I generally told them that the energy they get from an apple is longer lasting for good energy than any sucker ever could!  They all understand by the time they leave that it’s ok, to have a sucker once in awhile, but to really feel good, eat fruits and vegetables.  

Discussing all of the different foods we eat, I tell kids know that many foods we eat come in the form of a box or a can and this is not always good for the environment, because of packaging and the production involved.  It takes a lot earth energy to do that.  I always tie it back to how great a gift it is for us to eat natural food for the environment, because it doesn’t create all the garbage that we throw back at Mother Earth.  I tell kids that it’s better to make our own reusable packages and colour our own cereal boxes rather than buying packaging and throwing it away into land fills.  

Why do fruits and vegetables produce good energy in the body?
In order for the body to produce the right elements for good energy, there are 8 essential amino acids that the body can not produce without proteins.  We think that our bodies only get proteins from eggs, meat, and poultry but fruits and vegetables have it too.  All 8 essential amino acids can be found in fruits like, Bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers.  Vegetables include brussels sprouts, carrots, corn, cabbage, cauliflower, okra, peas, squash, kale and (sweet) potato.  

Could you work with a broken down machine running on bad fuel?

Good feelings are essential for proper growth in a child and harmony in an adult. Eating foods with plenty of water (adults are made up of 70%, just like the earth) combined with 8 essential amino acids that are found in fruits and vegetables, the body begins to feel better, more balanced in all functioning aspects of the human machine.  

Humans have become a heavy burden upon themselves and the rest of the world.  Even though your body is very much like a machine in that you need to give it unleaded fuel (less preservatives—more natural whole foods) and keep up on your maintenance (exercise), with 1/2 of the global population overweight, and with a steady increase of diseases like type-two diabetes and obesity, one needs to look at how the human machine is a feeling machine.  

You can reverse the affects of bad feelings by frequently eating more fruits and vegetables, like the ones, I have listed.   This is the real fuel for the body.  If you’re not happy, then nobody around you is happy. You can help yourself by first abolishing the take-out ways of the industrial world and get back to basics.  Look at maintaining your own human machine first.

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