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The Mission and Vision of The ABC’s of the Real Treat! 

Nourishing young minds to eat good food


Relating to the mission of The ABC’s of the Real Treat! Samantha Gerbeau’s vision is to provide a new way of learning for a new way of living.  Samantha is an independent researcher, eco-health promoter and food advocate.  As a speaker, she motivates young minds to explore ALL the different tastes of fresh fruits and vegetables that come from the world around us.  With a global concern for a healthier lifestyle, Samantha is seeking ways to improve human health and well-being while simultaneously maintaining a healthy ecosystem.  Her latest focus is designed to produce solutions, in particular, for children to understand how to eat healthy for their own environment. The ABC’s of the Real Treat! program is beneficial for increasing awareness for environmental management and early intervention for children’s healthcare.  It’s through this program that the two subjects merge to form a solution for both issues, concerning how and what we eat.



The ABC’s of the Real Treat! as an educator’s resource—

An environmentally healthy eating literacy program


The ABC’s of the Real Treat! is an interactive program designed by Samantha to work as a tool to open up minds and discuss more about the subject of natural food, thus the mission statement: Nourishing young minds to eat good food.  This program also provides children the ability to experience the world of food and form opinions on what they like and don’t like.  The success of this program comes from Samantha motivating children to try foods they would never eat at home or otherwise and they do this specifically on account of sitting and eating with the facilitator and their peers.  This program will help facilitators understand how to interact with the children during the picnic, how to use the slideshow when certain foods are not available and questions to ask children while experiencing the picnic.  The ABC’s of the Real Treat! is a program that deserves to be experienced by every child. 


Samantha Gerbeau understands the need to provide more enlightening information on healthy eating. The mission of this resource program helps make good learning effectively fun for all ages in the 21st Century.  Samantha considers the imperative need for the best resources to be introduced to all schools around the world, and she hopes for the support of governments to lead by example in a pro-active manner.  The ABC's of the Real Treat! is a resource program that has already been endorsed by educators as a delightful and helpful experience for young children to learn the basic idea of food and where food comes from.  The ABC's of the Real Treat! delivers the curriculum outcomes set by policy, and has been proven successful in helping children experience and explore the world of natural food.  Read testimonials  


The ABC’s of the Real Treat! is a resource program that will deliver the benefits of an environmental program, a nutritional program and a literacy program.  Plus it follows all of the necessary curriculum outcomes for kindergarten to grade 2 students in Newfoundland Labrador. 


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Details of the resource program, The ABC’s of the Real Treat!


The ABC's Slideshow works to enhance the picture of the food, its real colour, shape, size and the first letter associated with each food from Avocado to Zucchini.  It also works as the interactive tool when these foods are not available for the presentation.  The ABC’s Picnic captures children’s attention by relating the whole picnic back to the five senses.  It encourages children to explore all of the different tastes, smells, and sights of the fresh food.  Taking children on a picnic has proven to be the fundamental concept that makes The ABC’s of the Real Treat! so successful in enlightening children to eat fresh, healthy food.  The ABC’s of the Real Treat! children’s book is in fact the last portion of the program that Samantha provides to children after the picnic presentation.  This little tool is to showcase a way of looking at food in a fun and humourous manner.  This helps children retain the information from the picnic. The book also works as a tool to show parents and care-givers the foods that the children eat on the picnic and hopefully to buy these foods for home.


Importance of the program: Promotion of Health, the Environment and Literacy


Newfoundland and Labrador has the highest rate of obesity and type-two diabetes in the country.  Combating early childhood obesity and has become a challenge not just within Newfoundland Labrador, but all over the world.  From children in Canada, England, the USA to Australia, parents, care-givers and community workers are struggling and asking the same question:  How do we get kids to eat healthy food?  Samantha considers that the question should really be “how do we motivate and teach people that eating fresh food is the best thing they could ever do for themselves and environment?”  Samantha considers the weight of the world could be the determinant to the next generation.


As a food advocate, and eco-health promoter, Samantha says, “North American society has changed the reasons for eating.  These days, we don’t eat to live, we live to eat.  Our society has reached the pivotal point of how we view food.  What was once needed for survival, is now having the reverse affects. If our society continues eating the way we do, the very basis of survival could be affected by over-eating, causing disease and aging our population quicker than the normal aging process.  As consumers where we spend our money is the $64,000 dollar question.” 


The same question can be asked in any industrialized country who’s youngest population are suffering with early childhood obesity.  Prior to the industrialized civilization or 20th century, we needed to eat more carbohydrates in order to hunt, gather and work outdoors.  These days, we are eating the same amount if not more carbs while physically working less and less.  No physical activity to burn off the excess weight has become a heavy issue for developed countries around the world. 


As a food advocate, Samantha promotes fishers and farmers to grow food within a natural environment—not food that has been modified, cloned, or otherwise unnatural.  In order to erase illiteracy among children and adults around the world, Samantha knows that the number one issue affecting literacy is poverty.  Considering the need to increase knowledge in poorer countries and states, Samantha sees that free knowledge is the key factor in delivering a better future for countries to learn about a sustainable way of life.


Eating in Excess—Excessive consumption


Many don’t have a choice in what they eat.  Poverty stricken families in industrialized countries end up eating foods that are laced with either sugar, salt and/or fat that keep these foods preserved for longer periods of time for the necessary shelf life in markets.  Samantha says, “If it can sit on a shelf for more than a year, then how much good stuff is really in that food you are buying for nourishing your body?”  Samantha began researching Chinese medicine when her son suffered with wheat intolerance in 2003. The cure basically states that the closer you eat food to being alive i.e. picking a plum from a tree or eating a fish from the sea, the better it is for you.  But who can afford to do this when we have been so far removed from where these foods grow or by markets supplying a demand to the public with ridiculously cheap products?   Take for example a two litre of Pepsi for $.99 cents as opposed to $4.00 dollars for a two litre of milk.  The nutrients in milk will keep the body stronger for a period of time unlike Pepsi which increases the aging affects on the body, i.e. too much sugar + too much fat + too much television + too much driving = obesity = early aging and shorter life span.

Families who do have the choice, are eating just about everywhere but home. Buying something new and improved because someone told them it was better than before, and more than likely the food they eat is laced or preservatives with hydrogenated oils, saturated fats, wheat and sugar and that next big combo is so quick and easy, that people forget about the need to balance nature and someone ends up paying the price.  In this instance, it is the environment. 

Eating well for the environment, means eating foods grown locally or those that come from your local environment.  While people who live out of reach from farms and fishers, some  end up buying 1 litre of gasoline just to get to that 1 litre of milk.  Things must change and it is everyone’s responsibility to stand up and speak out so that government leaders and elected politicians get the message.

Samantha's warning to children:  Too much of anything is no good for you. 

Everything in moderation.  Cool and colourful packaging are a direct target from companies that are not being complying with environmental sustainability.  On account of the environmental health of our land and people, fast food businesses play a major role in our environment, by using excessive packaging, and showing no responsibility for making their business a healthy one.  Samantha wonders when will government leaders begin to tax businesses for excessive waste in our landfills and excessive weight on our population. Understanding that not all communities have a choice, i.e Newfoundland and Labrador for example, imports 90% of its food supply, but stresses that eating a variety is very important for human health. 

Samantha’s real life experience leads to the development of The ABC’s of the Real Treat!

In addition to a diploma in Applied Arts (Tourism) and a post-graduate diploma in Public Relations, Samantha’s real life experiences and research have aided her in seeking solutions for young children to grow up experiencing the best education, health and lifestyle possible.  With roots closely associated with native Newfoundland and Labrador, and spending her formative years in private school, Barbados W.I., lead Samantha questioning the quality of knowledge and education provided to children. As a student experiencing many moves in life and attending several different schools, from pre-school to secondary, from public to private, from protestant to catholic, experiencing different cultures and ways of life have been the biggest benefit for Samantha.

She sees that the best lifestyle for children today is one based on learning as much as possible about the natural environment and the simple joys of life—like a picnic or nature walk.  Samantha believes that hands-on experience is the best teacher.   When a child eats a lemon at one of Samantha’s picnic presentations, he/she will either find out how much they like it or not—what better way to understand what one should want in life?

Samantha’s gift to children


Samantha is dedicated to helping children everywhere live a healthier life. Samantha provided 15,000 books as a gift for Earth Day 2007 to all the five to seven year-olds through their schools around Newfoundland Labrador—a dream come true for Samantha.  She hopes that this gift has helped children, parents and teachers learn that the real treat is to eat good food.  Through this experiential program, she hopes that others will follow in her footsteps by donating books to help children open up their minds and understand what real food is and where it comes from.


As a global community, Samantha feels that we need to expand our children's knowledge to learn about the whole world and how their local communities work within the rest of it.  Samantha has spent a great deal of her personal time researching the latest ways for lifestyle management to be in sync with nature and currently promotes businesses through her own marketing/advertising company that are striving to do the same.  Samantha also provides mentorship to train others in their field of expertise to motivate and learn essential skills for leadership.  Her interactive talks to the public help others to learn how to stay young, healthy and happy.



Samantha continues to search for new methods that produce a better lifestyle and promotes businesses who affect positive change toward environmental behavioral ways in our society.  As a motivational speaker and mentor, Samantha can help promote your healthy business.  You can contact Samantha at sgerbeau@nf.sympatico.ca






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