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The ABCís Picnic is a 90 minute demonstration course for learning how to conduct The ABCís of the Real Treat! for your group or organization.†† Learn privately in the comfort of your organization or register early through the College of the North Atlantic to learn how and why this program successfully teaches children about eating fruits and vegetables.† The picnic presentation involves learning how to eat healthy for not only you but the environment too.† Learn how the presentation can be modified to fit your needs.

Product Summary

90 min. course teaches how to:

 Prepare picnic presentation

 Learn what foods to grow and/or buy

 Delivery of presentation for children

 Benefits of using the picnic for young children

 Purpose of providing book at the end of presentation

 Questions to ask children on your picnic


What you get:

 Facilitatorís guide book

 The ABCís Slideshow

 A copy of The ABCís of the Real Treat!

 90 min course with author of The ABCís of the Real Treat!


Price: $135.00

Children from Bishop Abraham enjoying one of Samanthaís picnics.† Children ask questions and make comments on what they think of the food they eat.

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Buying locally grown foods helps to protect the environment, by simplifying the need for shipping and transportation.    
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The ABCís of the Real Treat!
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Portraying to all the five senses, The ABCís Picnic takes children on an adventure of exploring the world of real fruits and vegetables.† Children learn by eating and sharing wonderful treats of natural snacks from Avocados to Zucchinis.† The picnic is set in a fun and humourous way for children to learn and retain information.


Children enjoy the majority of the foods, and get to find out what they really like (and donít like).† The whole idea is to explore the different tastes of foods, and textures in a child-like friendly manner.


The picnic presentation takes almost an hour to present, yet it can be modified to fit your own needs.† The picnic encompasses all parts of the program, The ABCís Picnic, The ABCís Slideshow, The ABCís Birds Songs and the book, The ABCís of the Real Treat!


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