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Eating fresh food means less packaging is thrown away in our land fills:  another great way for helping our planet earth!
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Continuously wrapping through the alphabet, The ABCís Slideshow is very appealing to young children.† Also included is The ABCís Bird Songs.† It acts as a great tool for† teaching children about the letter and food associated with the letter of the alphabet.

Product Summary

The Slideshow provides you with:

 Full visual and audio

 Interactive tool for children

 The full alphabet linked with real food photos

 Substitute for when food is not available for picnic presentation

 Fun and stimulating for young children

Price: $ 30.00

A continuous wrapping slide show pictures foods from Avocado to Zucchini.† This slideshow has been created to appeal to the minds of young children.† With the food name appearing in all sorts of ways; jumping around, twirling and hopping up and down through the whole slide, the picture of the food comes to stand still and show the children what the word and food look like.† The children get a little more excitement from watching the slideshow in this fashion and it really helps to capture their attention when they begin to wonder off in space, (like all children can do) if there is not enough stimuli to keep them interacting.†


The ABCís Slideshow is a must on your picnic.† It provides glimpses of food that may not be available on your picnic presentation and acts as a great bridging technique for capturing your young audiencesí attention.

First page of The ABCís slideshow that was made from all of the photographs from the book, The ABCís of the Real Treat!

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