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There are more people in the world dying of overeating than starvation.  

David Suzuki, August 2004
Text Box: The ABCís Facilitatorís Guide

This full colour manual provides the necessary details for learning how to conduct The ABCís of the Real Treat! program for a group of children.† Learn how to prepare, present and produce a picnic thatís just right for you.

Product Summary

The ABCís Facilitatorís Guide includes:

 The ABCís slideshow CD

 The ABCís of the Real Treat! childrenís 32 page book in full colour

 Facilitatorís guide (written manual describing foods from Avocado to Zucchini) and showing how to prepare picnic for an effective learning presentation

Price: $ 90.00

The ABCís Facilitatorís Guide includes everything needed in order to take your group of children on picnic.† This 45 page written manual contains information from your memo to be sent home to parents to full details describing the foods taken on the picnic, the set up of the picnic and how to prepare for the presentation.†


Your Facilitatorís guide contains the latest research as to why healthy eating is better for the environment and helps our society keep health care costs at a minimum.† The guide provides, step-by-step information for conducting the presentation, a food index describing the different types of foods eaten during the picnic and how to prepare them.† An evaluation is also provided at the back of the guide for you to use after you conduct The ABCís Picnic.† Also, games to play on The ABCís Picnic that help children retain information.†


The ABCís Facilitatorís Guide comes with The ABCís Slideshow, including The ABCís Song Birds, and an autographed copy of the book, The ABCís of the Real Treat!




Children of Bishop Abraham, enjoying one of Samanthaís picnics.† One can see the slideshow in the background on the computer.

March 2006†


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