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Abundance for all Communities. External link opens in new tab or windowNewfoundcare promotes communities via latest events, publications, and unique stories that attribute to the living culture.  Helping businesses with free advertising, is where Newfoundcare maintains long lasting relationships and professional work.

Values of Newfoundcare

Newfoundcare values are communications, analysis, research and evaluation.  The acronym C.A.R.E. is the overall theme that portrays the type of help offered to you by Newfoundcare as a way to look at individuals and business’ overall potential and enhance current methods of operation.





Established in 2004, as an independent strategy to magnify primary healthcare, Newfoundland and Labrador Communication Analysis Research and Evaluation was born. External link opens in new tab or windowSamantha Gerbeau, founder of Newfoundcare, noticed a real gap in the health and education system and found a possible solution.  Her children’s food book, External link opens in new tab or windowThe ABC’s of the Real Treat!

Additionally, The ABC's of the Real Treat! was recognized by the External link opens in new tab or windowCanadian Teachers’ Federation in 2008, a national publication of Healthy Learning.  It has also been supported by the External link opens in new tab or windowNLTA (NL Teachers’ Association) and the External link opens in new tab or windowAliant Pioneers plus those involved in food security.

That same year, began the network with various stakeholders, teachers and mentors to provide the External link opens in new tab or windowGovernment of Newfoundland and Labrador with a health care proposal to combat long waiting lists and invest in more preventative primary care especially for type two diabetes; hence her organization’s name: Newfoundcare. It has yet to be adopted, however, Newfoundcare continues to advocate for better education and health care for all.

Various entrepreneurial experiences from restaurant ownership to independent distribution, to superior customer service training and program creation, Newfoundcare continues a constant approach to developing a broader audience. Newfoundcare became involved with the NL Brain Injury Association.  Creating the Ambassador Program for members, encouarged more community enegament on the issues surrounding brain injury.

With a background in Tourism and Communications, and past member of External link opens in new tab or windowThe Avalon East Wellness Coalition, External link opens in new tab or windowFood Education Action St. John's (FEASt) and External link opens in new tab or windowNortheast Avalon Coastal Action Program (NAACAP) Samantha Gerbeau has concentrated on organizational communications, social responsibility and eco-health promotion. Developed in 2020, BullyBeKind #bullybekind gained much attention as several see the need to encourage respect and manners especially within Social Media.

With Newfoundland and Labrador's unique cultural background, External link opens in new tab or windowNewfoundcare seeks to collaborate with stakeholders that are interested in developing business awareness and efforts towards social responsibility for the outside world building upon young entrepreneurs exploring the world of business.